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Radio Banda Larga is a non-commercial webradio broadcasting 24/7, managed by a community of around 50 weekly-active volunteers and cooperators from various cities in the north of Italy (but you can find us broadcasting also from Berlin since october 2016). Our headquarters, our hearts and the most of our shows are in the beautiful city of Turin.

There are some important aspects you got to consider when you are approaching to Radio Banda Larga, aspects that've been decided to make RBL a free radio, made firstly for its own speakers' wellness and social activation: as our "Chart of the Values" statues, we have no art director (and this explains how various our shows can be) and no studios, daily broadcasting from public spaces, bars and pubs, schools, streets, hospitals: this explains those strange spoon-on-the-mug noises you're hearing in the background of our talks.

This is not an english-speaking radio, since it's easier to talk everybody its own language, and the most of us are italians. You'll find some french, spanish, english languages somewhere around here, and music most of the time, which is international.

This radio station is managed by Banda Larga Association, NGO active and funded with some projects under the Erasmus+ program. In 2015 we hosted some european organizations here in Turin, starting with them an E+ project about webradio as a tool for social participation, whose first part was named "Broadcast YouthSelf". We are awaiting the second part to be funded, while various members of our team took part in different exchanges, training courses and partner building activities, in order to improve their own and Banda Larga's knowledge and connections.

Here in Turin we work on social participation throught a project we called "RBL & the City", funded in the last years by several Foundations, which brings radio-doing to hospitals, social houses, third-age retirements, working with inmates and drug addicted to help them, and us selves, reconnecting with society. We broadcast weekly our radio shows recorded under the "RBL & the City" label, and they sound like no-genre music juke-box rotation, with a human voice announcing every song, like the most of our daily schedule, indeed.

We are interested in bringing our know-how into different routes with old and new partners, in learning from new experiences and in meeting other organizations across Europe to start new projects, so don't hesitate to

info [at]
europa [at]

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