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Nordpath presents: Label Night #2

di RBL Berlin
Nordpath presents: Label Night #2  - Radio Banda Larga

Nordpath presents: Label Night #2

Saturday 1st June at Badehaus (BRL) and broadcasted on Radio Banda Larga



RBL Berlin is organizer and media partner of the second Berlin based label’s showcase night.

Nordpath is record label and media platform with a vested engagement for electronic music and artistic experimentation, aiming to curate live performer artists exploring untrodden paths of electronic live music. Its artists reflect the multi-national nature of Berlin’s music scene and its diverse approaches of sound creation.

Saturday from 8pm at Badehaus, live performances and dj set will fill the club with electronic vibes and great selections and the whole night will be live broadcasted on RBL




21:00 - 01:00

Inwards live modular

Pavel live

Junction to Humanity live



01:00 - end

Andee dj set

Nhouse dj set

Rawzen dj set

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Nordpath presents: Label Night #2  - Radio Banda Larga

The Nordpath concept is the connection "From different points to one”.

This project unites different cultures, influences and musical concepts from different places.
Nordpath is a path leading North, out of the warm comfort zone. It is a metaphor to explore non-addressed places.
But it has also a physical component: we came or are originated in Berlin - the most Northern city of all our home towns. Going North brought us together in Berlin - a city with a climate that enables us, more than any other city, to do what we want. It is not that everything is laid out, no, the path continues on a mental level and is created incidentally. We think that walking together not only bundles our energies, but it allows us to overcome the limitations of each one of us. We do not believe in genres, we think boundaries have to be overstepped. Making music means investigating and exploring inner worlds as a reflection of temporal events similar to a painter who explores with the pen what he is perceiving.

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